Who wants to eat donuts if they don’t make you fat? We should see many hands.

We all know donuts don’t make themselves on the a list of the healthy diet. However there are a number of benefits you might want to consider when you eat a piece of dough with a hole.


Reduce stress

Sugar craving is one of our addiction. Unless you are living in a cave or something, we eat sugary food everyday basis weather if you intentionally eat or not. Sugar makes your addictive and makes you eat more. You can stay away from sugar if your will power is strong enough, but you won’t be satisfied. If you keep yourself unsatified for a certain peiod of time, that puts you in stress. While you need a good stress to makes your life exciting, generally you don’t want to build up stress and avoid one at all cost. If eating a donut reduce your stress, it actually is beneficial.  Sugar a in donuts might work as a streess reliever.

A great survival food

Many people believe that corbohydrate is bad for your diet. That’s true if you don’t consume them. But we do need some corbohydrate to fuel our body because corb works as your energy. So, if you know you are going to eat a whole day. take three donuts in the morning, this satisfies wapping 1500 calories which a heathy adult needs per day.

Sugar donut contains a whole day calories

Donuts might increase your memory

If you never heard of this, probably you are not the first person. When we find out, we were skeptical, but here is the research how donuts and coffee enhace memorey
The aricle explains that sugar in donuts is important for your brain to work with better memonry.

Maybe you can checkout baked donuts on facebook. Baked donuts are non-fried sweets and can be a healhier option for you.