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gluten freeWe are here to find the best gluten-free baked donuts in Los Angeles. Why do we care about gluten?
If the donuts we are going to eat do not include any gluten in them, that’s even better. Some people believe that gluten is not harmful for the most population and you have to have a specific allergies to gluten to react and get any negative impact on their bodies. However, if we have a chance, why not to avoid it.

Our journey begins by looking for gluten free donuts. You can name a few places such as very popular Fonuts and, etc. I found the very usuful eater link to see a few donut shops in L.A.  You may recognize some stores and we have tried some of them as well. First of all, we are so glad that so many new and old donut shops have started offering gluten-free options to their customers. This is a major trend, and nowadays, we feel that non-gluten option is the must for some of these food establishments. If you can find gluten-free donuts that you like around your house, congratulations! In this article, we might be able to introduce a new gluten-free donut place for you, so keep reading it!

L.A. Santa Monica PierWhile this wheat free option becomes a major concern for our society, we have more options now. As the eater’s page suggests, you can find many places offer these options. The next questions are the quality of the donut. If you like in L.A., you usually go to your go-to local donut shop, but if you are willing to step on the gas little further, we have one excellent donut shop for you in…. Woodland Hills.

Donuts and coffeeYou might say.. where? Sure many Los Angelenos don’t know where it is. We only know Hollywood, Beverly Hills, DTLA, Santa Monica and maybe Silverlake. Woodland is further northeast. The city is located near 101 and 27 meet and it is surrounded by Reseda, Encino and Northridge. For sure, it is not a 10-minute-drive. So what is in Woodland Hills.

The place is called RING – Baked Tofu Donuts. Yes, it is tofu donuts!!!! And of course gluten-free. Can you picture how a white soy box turns itself into a donut? If you cannot, check their website out and find out more. We have been eating their donuts a lot.


Classic selections of RING Gluten-Free Baked Tofu Donuts

They have six classic flavors.
Honey is their original donut. It is very simple yet nicely sweet. Because they don’t use traditional white sugar. Instead, they use brown sugar and a healthy sugar alternative imported from Japan. Note: they use this sugar alternative for all of their tofu sweets. We love honey. It is perfectly sweet and very moist. You can eat with coffee, tea, milk or you name it.


One of our favorites is Earl Gray. Yes, it is tea leaves. You can see the ground tea leaves in the donut. And when you break the donut, you can smell the beautiful aroma of the tea! We love to eat them with freshly brewed hot black tea at home. What a pleasure!!

While RING has great baked tofu donuts, their green tea and coffee beverages are great too! That’s not our focus on this website, but they are worth mentioning. Sea salt iced coffee, and sea salt iced matcha green tea are very satisfying drinks. We particularly love their matcha. They are a Japanese bakery, so they nailed Matcha on point. The drink is sweet but not too much.

I will let you discover other flavors, so jump in their website and find out more. RING Baked Tofu Donuts Website.