3 qualities you should look for a baked dessert

Non-fried donut is an emerging trend. Some people love old fashioned deep fried donuts, but health-conscious people are moving to a healthier alternative such as baked donuts.

Here are the 3 qualities you should think about when you choose baked donuts.

1. The quality of the flour

Whether you eat fried donuts or baked donuts, the major of contents for any donut is dough. And the mixture consists of flour, water and a touch of salt. Among these ingredients, the most essential factor is flour. What you should look for is the flour because a dough could be made from a variety of flours. Some consist of only one kind of flour. Other donuts are made with a mixture of multiple types of powders.

2. The Binding Agent

A part of donut dough, a binding agent is an essential ingredient because it typically decides texture of the dough. If you want a vegan donut, you should choose one without any eggs. If you can eat anything, you can choose a mixture with eggs. We still recommend for you to look what kind of eggs you or the baker uses.

3. the quality of sweetening material

What is the point of eating a donut if it was not sweet? A donut is dessert or sweet. It has to be sweet. While traditional donut tends to be sugary like a famous Krispy Kreme Donuts, baked donuts tend to be less sweetened. It can be sweet. However, bakers who make these baked donuts tend to make their product healthier. Or, if you make one, would you do that same because you are seeking a healthier option? When you buy or make baked donuts, pay attention to sugar too. Some people use processed sugar, some use some natural sweetener like Stevia, or some put brown sugars. What is your preference?

These are the three qualities you should look for a baked donut. We hope you can find it useful.