How to find gluten-free donuts

Many people are looking for gluten-free products. For your health concerns, many of us opt in gluten-free food. This is a trendy topic and raising concern for many people. You probably noticed that you see more and more gluten-free products in your grocery store’s shelves.
Before we discuss gluten-free donuts, we should know what exactly gluten is.

What is gluten?

Gluten - picture of breadAccording to Celiac Disease Foundation’s article, “what is gluten?”
You can find gluten in Wheat, rye, triticale, and barley. Gluten helps to keep the shape of the food acting as glue. You can find them in obvious places but sometimes found in unexpected food. One of the most common places you can find gluten is in wheat. What contains wheat? Breads and baked goods are the most common food. You can also find them in pasta, and cereals. These are easy ones. But did you know if soups, sauces, and salad dressings also contain wheat too? isn’t surprising? If you have allergies for gluten, you should double check if they don’t contain gluten.

what is gluten pastaThe second group is barley.
Where can you find barley? Probably the most common ingredients are malt and beer. However, you can also find them in food coloring, soups, and Brewer’s Yeast.

The third group is the Rye.
As you guessed, Rye bread and rye beer contain gluten. You can also find it in cereals as well.

If you are health conscious, you might consume oatmeals, but they also contain gluten. The same website also suggested, “CDF’s medical experts recommend only oats labeled gluten-free

Still confused about what gluten is? In short, it is a type of proteins in grains wheat, rye and more.

Is gluten bad for me?

gluten freeThat’s what you care the most right? You hear all kind of warning and news, but how does it affect you?
The popular to common belief, the most people can take gluten without a problem. The problem is called Celiac disease. It is an autoimmune malfunction which reacts to your body attacks gluten in your digestive system.

Instead of guessing how it affects your body, you can simply take a medical test to see how tolerant your body is and what to watch for.

Even though many companes promote gluten-free products, if your body doesn’t have the disorder, you can just consume regular products. As you may suspect, these companies produce a gluten-free version of the same products to raise the price. it became a marketing scheme. Unless necessary, you don’t have to fall their strategy.

if you are allergic to gluten, you should watch what your wheat consumption. Lucky, Gluten-free donuts are widely available on the market.
You can fine gluten free donuts recipes like this. Or you can google it.

If you don’t like making one, you can also buy a local donut shop somewhere like gluten-free baked donuts.